Fo shizzle!

This is a one hundred word challenge for grown ups. This week’s prompt are the words "Brabble", "Growlery" and "Foozle". You can find other entries at:

He always wins at Jeopardy, always. Before Alex Trebek has even finished reading the question, my boo is shouting out some answer like “Brabble”, “Growlery” or “Foozle”. What do those words even mean? Who has space in their head for such words? Not me.

I’m keeping it real, Yo. While he uses that antiquated bullshit, I’mma stick with phat words that have lasting power, for real. My vocabulary is bomb diggity! All ya’ll h8ters can keep on shoutin’ out your Jeopardy answers and this G will stick to the classics. Words that will never go out of style, fo shizzle!

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