On Turning Fifty

As many of you know, I am somewhat of a late bloomer so I often worry that there are not enough days left to enjoy the second half of my life. But, I can always count on Paul to remind me that indeed, there are not.  
"Sweetie, we are from two different generations," He’ll say even though there is only three years difference between our ages.

When we first started dating he would refer to our age difference subtly.  When I joked about an old TV show, The Brady Bunch for example, he would say that he didn’t understand the reference. But as our relationship grew stronger and when he realized that I was too much in love with him to leave he became bolder.  He would no longer say I was in my forties, I was “pre-fifty.”
"But honey, from the neck down you could be in your twenties," he'd add. I could never just accept the first part of that compliment. 

"So, from the neck up you're saying I'm ancient," I’d reply.
"Well, the gray hair and the lines on your forehead," He would raise an eyebrow and start to say before I stopped listening.

This past year he has started to remind me that when I turn 50, my age will be in a different decade.  But he doesn't stop there; he'll count out the years. "When you're 50, I'll be in my 40's and when your 51, I'll still be in my 40's and when your 52.."
I have decided that joking about my age is his way of showing me that he loves me and that he must love me very much.

Lately he has started using a different tactic.  When I step out of the shower or when I'm getting dressed he'll look me up and down and say "There's no way that's 50!"
I’ll reply "It's not."

But then he goes for the jugular and says “Yet," implying that my days are numbered.
So today is the day and I must admit that I have never felt better. I have my health, the love of my life, my beautiful children, a great job and a promising future as a writer and of course wonderful friends.  I also have it on good authority from a fortune teller that Paul, myself and our children have lived many lives together in the past and we will be together in many more after this.  So, I’m not worried about a number in this lifetime.

But, if for some reason the fortune teller was wrong and this is the only life we have then I will still be content.  In my old age, I’ll have my memories and if I ever begin to forget them, I can always count on Paul to be by my side and to lovingly remind me.
Of just how forgetful I am.

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