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Why Do I Write?

For forty three years, I didn't have a voice.  And then one day, I said two words that freed all of the other words.  "I'm Gay".  I write so that others who have not found their voice can gain courage to speak and join the other voices of those that have come out. And finally, to shout over the voices of those that would try to silence me.  This blog is a collection of  everday stories and thoughts from my life.  It is a celebration of what I have found.  That living authentically is the only way out.   

Out in the World-Places You'll Find My Writing

The Boston Globe

The Saranac Review, 9th Edition-Splintered Light on Clear Creek

My Face is Catfish Bait-Top 10 Personal Essays of 2016-Salon.com

The Huffington Post-Author Page

A few of The Popular Pieces on The Huffington Post:

The Good Men Project-Author Page

Shout Outs!

Speaking Out

AWP Conference 2014-Public Reading

Testified at the New Hampshire State House on behalf of marriage equality

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