H1N1, Prop 8 and Scott Brown & Turkey Schnitzel

Today was a tough day. Last night the senate seat long held by Teddy Kennedy, a long time friend of the lgbt community, was won by Scott Brown. Brown, an impressive campaigner, wrapped up in a charismatic, good looking package is a bigot. He voted against same sex marriage in Massachusetts 25 times and described lgbt parents as "ridiculous". How could this happen in such a blue state?

I'll tell you how. Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate ran a lack luster campaign because she knew that she was a shoe in. She was also quoted as saying Curt Schilling was a Yankee's fan and why would she want to stand outside of Fenway Park and shake hands in the cold? She disparaged Red Sox fans and believe it or not, the people of Massachusetts hold their beloved Red Sox in higher regard than their political values.

Couple this win with the fact that my partner, Paul is Scott Brown's physical twin, which everyone has commented on, and it's a formula for conflicted feelings.

I was feeling defeated this morning driving into work. Here we go again, another politician telling us how immoral we are. When I got to work, I had to deal with a technical solution that had been decided upon without my input and I am the IT Director. Everyone was out to get me! Just as this crisis subsided, my alarm alerted me that it was time for my H1N1 vaccination. I hate shots. The nurse was nice enought to point out the two pimples on my arm.

Sometimes there is a perfect storm of bad events and you need one more thing to push it over the edge. I tuned into the Prop 8 trial in California and while the team defending the LGBT community was doing an excellent job of presenting credible expert testimony, they clearly pointed out how politically powerless the lgbt community is, who discriminated we are and how much the religious institutions of the world hate us. Final straw that pushed me over the edge.

When I walked through the door head hanging low after a long commute home. I was greeted by the most delicious smelling dinner, Turkey Schnitzel, brandied apple sauce and whipped potatoes. There stood Paul, with the sexiest grin pouring a glass of wine for me and suddenly all was right with the world. This is my sanctuary and no matter what happens each day, I know that I will be greeted by the love of my life and it is perfection.

We are each other's strength and the port in the storm. Somehow fighting against the rest of the world for our right to love each other only makes it stronger. There is no where else in the world or no other way I would rather be.

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